Who' s Christopher?

I am the main actor for the Neighbourlyvids YouTube channel and I am considered their 'best actor' because I've taken several acting classes and performed in various plays. As for who I am, I am a teenage student currently taking classes in a french school. My main interests lie in game designing in my free time, writing, programming and acting.
I'm not the most popular person in school, but I'm not close to the least either. I get through with slightly above average grades and try to keep them around there. 
Underneath this shell of creativity lies a rather big weakness... I struggle every hour with my ADHD, I can't stay focused on things for too long, I get easily annoyed at the quietest of sounds and find myself changing the subject in conversations quite a bit. All of this, most of the time must be hidden, and even though it's hard, I've learned to hide my condition very well with the help of my acting. 
I hope that I am able to achieve my goal of becoming an actor or programmer in the future, but for right now Neighbourlyvids (formerly known as 'The Logan and Christopher Show') is where I shall stay.